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When Gayoso de Lemos was named Commandant of the district of Natchez, he built an elegant residence on his estate across the river and named it Concordia.

The name was chosen to recognize the good relations that Gayoso had established with the anglo inhabitants in the Natchez District.

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We offer thousands of personal ads, video and web chat, web cam chat, matchmaking services, photo galleries, instant messaging and forums.This page will provide the old and new names or a description of the old and current location. Note: According to pages 16-17 of the book Cabanocey The History, Customs and Folklore of St. Bourgeois, the first church in the current parish of St.Please send any additions to cajun @ (the Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church of Lafourche of the Chitimaches). In 1862, the Confederates constructed a massive earthen fortification at the site known as Fort Hindman. James was organized into a regular independent parish in 1770 at the town of St. The land had been donated by Jacques Cantrelle and the first church wardens were Jacques Cantrelle, Bonaventure Gaudin, Simon Le Blanc, Ambroise Martin, A. Francois Landry gave a golden chalice, a censer, a ciborium and a pair of candle sticks.In 1798, Jose Vidal, Commandant of Natchez obtained a land grant on the opposite side of the river from Natchez.The new Spanish Post was named Concordia because of the proximity to Gayoso's estate.

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