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For example, in the online dating process, there are multiple opportunities to showcase storytelling skills. Whether you are sharing an anecdote about yourself on your dating profile or responding to a question while communicating with a match, something as simple as telling a good story could increase your chances of dating success.

However, status was important in explaining long-term dating attraction to good storytellers among women, while it was not among men.

Specifically, someone who is good at telling a story has the ability to influence others and accrue social power, which in turn increases attractiveness for a long-term relationship.

To test this, the researchers had a set of participants rate a similar profile as in the previous studies, while also including a series of questions about the perceived status of the target (the participant’s ratings of person’s ability to be popular, be admired, be an inspiration to others, and be a good leader).

Participants were asked to rate the person on four categories: the person’s physical attractiveness, attractiveness as a long-term date, attractiveness as a casual date, and attractiveness as a friend.

They also rated the person on perceptions of personality, such as empathic, intelligent, kind, socially skilled, and outgoing.

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