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In other news, I'm pondering the new API for my itunesdb, which is still slow (takes more than one second) for large music collections.

I'd like for it to avoid blocking the GUI for more than a heartbeat, especially since the display system expects the application to redraw itself on expose events, and "painting" looks very ugly. When reading playlists, a single record can be very large (especially the master playlist, which contains all songs), therefore returning to the event loop in between each read isn't good enough.

[$db eval] allows you to specify code to run for every row returned.

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Another approach would be to stop the calculation by intervening directly into the event queue.How do I use these facilities to keep my GUI alive?Reading between the lines, I sense that I am expected to supply [update] as the callback paramter to [$db progress].Threading *does* remain relevant for lots of database work, for instance.]TV: The idea of the title of this page is of course important: often, when the computation model resembles Model / View / Controller, the maker of a computer program with GUI expects the computer it runs on to have sufficient horsepower to complete a requested operation in interaction time, and that other programs aren't in the way to prevent this.For computation tasks / computer power combinations where waiting is to be expected, probably indeed one wants the UI to allow interactions in the meanwhile, but this would probably also require another UI/application interaction pattern definition.

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